Rails Girls

Rails Girls

We organize and sponsor Rails Girls Silesia workshops. We act as Rails Girls coaches in differents cities of Poland. Everyone can learn programming, we strongly believe in that statement. As programmers professionally connected with web technologies, working in Ruby on Rails framework, the idea of Rails Girls is particularly close to us.

By organizing workshops, we try to create convenient conditions for learning programming for the participants of Rails Girls workshops. Many of women who we had the opportunity to teach have broadened their interests or even changed their lives.

In October 2014 in Gliwice, we organized the first workshops Rails Girls in Silesia. 30 women from all over Poland took part in it. 10 coaches were teaching, including 7 female programmers. A lot of local and international companies were involved in this event.

In October 2016 in Cieszyn we organized the second Rails Girls workshops in Silesia. More precisely in Silesian Cieszyn. The idea of these workshops was to learn programming without any borders. This event had an international character and was held in Cieszyn, a city divided between two countries - Poland and the Czech Republic. That was the first Rails Girls workshops fully cross-border in Poland. This time, the workshop had 24 participants, including 5 women from the Czech Republic. Among 10 coaches there were 4 female programmers. Six people from Poland and four people from the Czech Republic were involved in teaching of programming.

In addition to organizing Rails Girls workshops, we are happy to help other local groups. We've been to many cities in Poland, where we taught programming women.

A short list of Rails Girls events in which we were coaches:

  • Rails Girls Warsaw 2014
  • Rails Girls Poznań 2014
  • Rails Girls Szczecin 2014
  • Rails Girls Łódź 2014
  • Rails Girls Youth Kraków 2014
  • Rails Girls Wrocław 2014
  • Rails Girls Youth Szczecin 2014
  • Rails Girls Warsaw 2015
  • Rails Girls Łódź 2015
  • Rails Girls Szczecin 2015
  • Rails Girls Warsaw 2016
  • Rails Girls Poznań 2016
  • Rails Girls Szczecin 2016
  • Rails Girls Łódź 2016
  • Rails Girls Szczecin 2017
  • Rails Girls Gorzów 2017
  • Rails Girls Poznań 2018
  • Rails Girls Warsaw 2019
  • Rails Girls Wrocław 2020
  • Rails Girls Bielsko-Biała 2020