How do we work?

UX &design

Let's talk about your needs, before we start. We want to understand your problem and design a solution for you.


Step by step we build the product for you. At any time you can give us feedback. We take care about code quality, so we do tests and increase usability.


All-in-one: design, development &deployment. Don't worry about anything. We keep an eye on your product.

Meet our team!


Ruby on Rails developer since 2011. Focused on good code quality, refactoring and TDD. Well-organized and responsible. Mentor at CoderDojo and Rails Girls workshops.

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Web developer since 1998. He had met Ruby 12 years later while using Sinatra and Ruby on Rails. Madcap for algorithms. Linux administrator and Open Source ideology evangelist. In free time he explores the secrets of machine learning.

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Promising programming enthusiast. Learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails with great determination to write high-quality code and tests. Striving for continuous improvement of her skills, despite limited experience. Willing to take on challenges and work collaboratively. Diligent and hardworking.

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Rails programmer open to different technologies. Expert in unsolvable challenges. Passionate gamer, game creator and regular participant of Global Game Jam. Constantly developing skills related to image analysis and neural networks.

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HTML standard, which simplifies developers work and provides many new features. Such as audio, video, canvas drawing or geolocalization. It makes our projects much more interesting.


Ruby on Rails

Modern framework to build fully functional web applications. Fast and flexible software creation is Ruby on Rails advantage. It allows to adjust to market changes in a simple way. And in the same time provides more satisfaction to our clients.

Ruby on Rails

Open Source

Software where we have open and free access to source for all users. It provides constant improvement and spread of software. This has a huge impact on application development and fixing bugs.

Open Source

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