• Rails Girls

    We organize and sponsor Rails Girls Silesia workshops. We act as Rails Girls coaches in differents cities of Poland. Everyone can learn programming, we strongly believe in that statement. As programmers professionally connected with web technologies, working in Ruby on Rails framework, the idea of Rails Girls is particularly close to us.

    By organizing workshops, we try to create convenient conditions for learning programming for the participants of Rails Girls workshops. Many of women who we had the opportunity to teach have broadened their interests or even changed their lives.

  • SRUG

    SRUG is a local group of Ruby language programmers mostly operating in Gliwice, but also in whole Silesian region. We active participate in all Ruby meetings with pleasure . We feel as a part of this Ruby community and we support these great events.

    We often prepare presentations and share our knowledge and experience. We try to make our presentations to raise various important topics, such as newness features in Ruby language, functional programming, mobile application, good quality and refactoring of code, SEO and web crawlers.

  • CoderDojo

    We co-create CoderDojo in Gliwice. We teach children and teenagers programming and technology. We want the young generation to be able to use new technologies creatively. We want children to know how the Internet works, what a computer consists of and how to build your own robot. We focus on acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others.

  • Global Game Jam ®

    GGJ is a hackathon for creating games. Within 48 hours, teams from around the world create different games on a specific topic. It is a cyclical event and takes place every year.

    For several years we have regularly participated in Global Game Jams in Cieszyn. Each project we create is different and better from year to year. By participating in this hackathon, we strengthen our friendships and gain more and more experience in game development. We build a local community of developers and game designers.