Grzegorz Lisowski

Rails programmer open to different technologies. Expert in unsolvable challenges. Passionate gamer, game creator and regular participant of Global Game Jam. Constantly developing skills related to image analysis and neural networks.


Backend & Frondend Development Application Architecture API Design Refactoring Git Visualization


Ruby Ruby on Rails JavaScript EmberJS Python RSpec Minitest Slim C# Unity3D Cordova

Major contributions

  • Configuration and administration
  • Copywriting

Management business with no paperwork. Customer service, create invoices, order management. All in one place, easy-to-use and painless. Available API in standard JSON API.

Major contributions

  • Backend development in Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend development in Ember.js
  • Create documentation using Swagger

Application supporting design hand-made ceramic tiles. Users can choose the shapes, patterns and colors. Ordering process is a multi-step and requires an individual valuation, because the tiles are manufactured by hand.

Major contributions

  • Backend development in Ruby on Rails
  • Bugs resolving
  • Deployment to staging

Collaborative web-based platform for idea management. It allows to empower people to gather ideas but also process them in a creative, productive and simple way. Based on the methodology CPS 6.1 (Creative Problem Solving).

Major contributions

  • Backend development (Ruby on Rails, Cordova)
  • Developing Cordova application
  • Frontend development (Ember.js)
  • Developing microservice architecture
  • Developing API

20 questions game

Logic game which learns with every play. In the game you have to answer questions asked by the AI and it will try to guess what were you thinking about.

Major contributions

  • Backend development in Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend development
  • Designing and implementation of the game logic
  • Implementation of an administration panel
  • Database design
  • Writing unit and acceptance tests
  • Creating translations
  • Taking care of framework updates
  • Designing zero state application

linguistic analysis

Linguistic analysis system is used for word processing and automatic category detection. The application can also detect the language of the text. The database contains over 6 million words in Polish and English. The system has a learning mode with a teacher and the categorization is based on statistical methods. Application provides an external API.

Major contributions

  • Backend development in Ruby on Rails